(This is an automatic translation of Nyhedsbrev Juni 2021)


Not long ago, we appealed far and wide for everyone to join the 5 Schools Association. And in a couple of days, about 250 signed up. It is overwhelming with such great support, and we are deeply grateful and humbled for the trust you place in us. We promise we will take good care of it.



We do not change the name or logo, even though we now have no less than eight schools, a women’s center and a children’s meeting house. As something completely new, we have opened two schools in a slum inside the city. Schools for children living in abandoned garages and derelict apartments. If we do not offer the children schooling, they wander the streets without any protection, and without education.

In the evening, we transform the city schools into a children’s meeting house, where all children are welcome. In the assembly hall, the children can, for example, draw, sing, play basketball, have their clothes washed or have a bath. During the day, students are given a hot meal of food.


We have had the opportunity to buy new, fine books in all subjects for our students. We have also purchased projectors and wifi for most schools. It has raised the academic level of teaching and the outside world has come closer. The projectors use the teachers to support the teaching, show the students the world around them and inspire them. They are also used extensively in the evenings, where the school is often converted into a cinema, where Tom & Jerry and Mr. Bean. And we can reveal that children laugh at the same thing, no matter where they come from.


The importance of our work is very explicit. Children learn to be children, make friends and be part of communities. And then they come out of the illiteracy they were otherwise born into. They get broken a legacy that is otherwise very hard to break. But even though the importance is obvious to us, we still believe that it is important to get others’ assessment and views on the significance of the efforts. That is why we have entered into a collaboration with PwC’s welfare team (pro bono).

Together with them, we will carry out an impact evaluation over the next year. We look forward to sharing the results with you.


Finally, we would like to make everyone aware that our annual report has been posted on the website:

Click here to read the annual report (in Danish)

Our good chairman, Lars Bo Kirk, has written a beautiful preface, which we hope you will all read.

All the best regards

Team 5 Schools