We look back on a year where we have gone from six to ten schools, with two more on the way. Here, our students every day receive teaching, play and a childhood. This would not be the case if there was not a small magic tent in their camp, which they could call a school. The schools are there in part due to your support. Thank you.


On 9 December, 5 Schools was named one of the PFA Brug Livet Foundation’s five “Hjertesager” (cause close to one’s heart) for 2022. We are of course delighted and honored by this recognition, and look forward to the collaboration with PFA in 2022. Being named as a “Hjertesag” feels like a huge recognition of the goal of our work, which is to give children fleeing the war in Syria a voice and a hope so that they dare to dream of a future that extends beyond the refugee camps.


The year ended poetically. Politiken (leading Danish newspaper with national circulation) featured a long and honest interview with Maren and Zarah. Each time we tell the story of our students, more and more people become witnesses to the lives of these children, we stand less alone, and we more of us to embrace them. An article like this, which reaches such a wide audience, is therefore the perfect end to 2021 and not least a beautiful start to 2022.


As autumn was about to cast its long shadows, 5 Schools was contacted by a young lawyer working in the real estate industry. He had read about our work on social media, and asked if we should hold a Christmas fundraiser for the entire industry together. Of course we should. In one month he collected an impressive 300,000 DKK. It is overwhelming, how many are willing to support, and what is possible if one has the will. This is proof that “together we are stronger”.


In 5 Schools we build schools for children who do not have one. In Lebanon, far too many children are without school, and therefore at the time of writing we are in the process of building our first school here. It is being built in a camp south of Beirut in the beautiful mountains. Here, Syrian families with children have lived side by side for ten years running without access to schooling.

It will be our first school in Lebanon, but it will not be the last.


We have received funding to start food programmes in three of our schools. Our students often get neither breakfast nor lunch, which of course is bad for both health and learning ability. In three of our schools, we hire a unch lady to provide meals for all students. We hope that in the long run we can do the same at all our schools.


In the summer it is bitterly hot, and in the winter it is freezing cold in our schools. We have long had a dream of establishing climate control in all our schools, but the power has been too unstable. Now a generous person has made sure that we have enough funds to establish solar cells and air conditioning at all schools that need it. The first ones have already been installed, and are working perfectly. It is a huge boost for our schools, and we are so happy that we can ensure a good indoor climate for our students.