Arabic-speaking teachers wanted!

(This is an automatic translation of Arabisktalende lærere søges!)

The war in Syria is in its ninth year and has driven millions to flee to countries close to Syria. Thousands of children and their families live here in unregistered refugee camps.

A LOST GENERATION As the situation is now, an entire generation of Syrians risks growing up without education – for who is to teach the children when the international community does not provide any help or support to these camps?

Our answer to that question was to found 5Schools.

The association 5 Schools works to improve the conditions for children in refugee camps – with special focus on establishing schools and ensuring education for the children. In addition, we aim to provide children and young people with support for a dignified life and give them faith in a future. We believe that all children deserve a life of dignity and a life where they have the opportunity to go to school. We know that children who go to school master life better when they grow up. For children living in difficult conditions in refugee camps, schooling can help provide stability in children’s insecure lives.

And so far we have managed to build six schools, where 500 students go to school every day and i.a. learn Arabic, English, mathematics and not least experience an everyday life that is reminiscent of the one they fled from. An everyday life characterized by the joy of learning and playing with other children. Students get the opportunity to be kids!

At each of our schools, we now have a teacher who, in addition to being responsible for all subjects, must also act as school leader and ensure good relations with the children and their parents. This places great demands on, for example, Aisha, who teaches at school number 4. But also on her colleagues at the other schools. And here you come into the picture!

ARAB SPEAKING TEACHERS WANTED Aisha and her colleagues make a huge effort every day in our schools. But they need help. Both academically, but especially when it comes to didactics and pedagogy. And here you come into the picture if you are a trained teacher and at the same time speak Arabic. We have a dream of, together with the World’s best Danish school, creating an online Danish-Syrian teaching team that together talks about learning, develops curricula, talks about relationship formation and all the other things that we teachers in Denmark connect with our everyday lives. the school.

WORKSHOP IN NOVEMBER We very much hope that you can see yourself or someone you know in the role of sparring partner for either Aisha, Houssain, Hadja, Saeed or Ahmed. In that case, we would very much like to invite you to a workshop on November 17 at 3:30 p.m. Here we will tell more about our project and the thoughts we have about our Danish-Syrian online teaching team.

Interested? Then send an email to and we will contact you with more information.

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