Newsletter January 2022

2. January 2022|

THANK YOU FOR 2021 We look back on a year where we have gone from six to ten schools, with two more on the way. Here, our students every day receive teaching, play and a childhood. This would not be the case if there was not a small [...]

5 Schools is named a PFA “Hjertesag”

9. December 2021|

Today, 5 Schools was named one of the PFA Brug Livet Foundation's five "Hjertesager" (cause close to one's heart) for 2022. PFA is the largest pension company in Denmark. We are of course really happy and honored by this recognition, and look forward to the collaboration with PFA in [...]

Newsletter October 2021

5. October 2021|

(This is an automatic translation of Nyhedsbrev Oktober 2021) NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2021 Read now ALL DONATIONS TO 5 SCHOOLS GO 100% UNCUT TO PROJECTS AT THE SYRIAN BORDER When you donate to 5 Schools, the entire amount goes to our work at [...]

Newsletter June 2021

23. June 2021|

(This is an automatic translation of Nyhedsbrev Juni 2021) NEW MEMBERS Not long ago, we appealed far and wide for everyone to join the 5 Schools Association. And in a couple of days, about 250 signed up. It is overwhelming with such great support, and we are [...]

Easymove x 5 Skoler

16. December 2020|

(This is an automatic translation of Easymove x 5 Skoler) 5 Schools have teamed up with the digital platform easymove to enable you to support and strengthen the community in the workplace. Read more and sign up! 5 Schools have teamed up with [...]

Arabic-speaking teachers wanted!

27. October 2020|

(This is an automatic translation of Arabisktalende lærere søges!) The war in Syria is in its ninth year and has driven millions to flee to countries close to Syria. Thousands of children and their families live here in unregistered refugee camps. A LOST GENERATION As the situation is now, an entire [...]

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